DBsign 3.0 End of Life Statement

Much has changed in the computer and security industries since DBsign 3.0 was released in 2005. To keep up with these changes, we have developed DBsign 4.0. Changes in the Windows operating system were threatening the viability of the DBsign 3.0 Web Signer and changes in the security industry require stronger cryptographic algorithms that are not supported by DBsign 3.0.

The DBsign team is committed to providing excellent support and we will be there to help customers through this transition. This document explains how we will handle the transition from a support and a sales perspective.

The EOL Date and What it Means

The EOL date for DBsign 3.0 is September 30, 2012. After the EOL date two things will happen:

  • DBsign 3.0 product updates will no longer be available, and

  • Maintenance & Support for DBsign 3.0 will no longer be sold.

DBsign 3.0 customers with Maintenance & Support contracts that expire after the EOL date will still be supported until the end of their contracts.

Upgrading to DBsign 4.0

Of course, DBsign 3.0 customers are encouraged to upgrade, and most are in the process now. DBsign Maintenance & Support contracts entitle customers to product support and free product updates within a major version. DBsign customers with current Maintenance & Support contracts also get a significant discount (15%) on the purchase of the next major version. Additionally, if you upgrade to DBsign 4.0 before your Maintenance & Support contract expires, your Maintenance & Support will continue as normal and your renewal date will remain the same.

And, of course, our support team will help you through the installation and configuration of your upgrade to DBsign 4.0 regardless of the status of your Maintenance & Support contract. 

We look forward to working with you!


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